Unravelling the Mystic World of Tarot

To know the unknown and to see the unseen is what fascinates us all the most! Mrs Nupur Heda Patil, the ‘Queen of Tarot’ a.k.a ‘Tarot Rani’ is an Army wife, renowned for her Tarot Reading and Angel Healing skills and has won several awards including the Pearl of Hyderabad award and the Woman Of The Future Award (WOFTA) award in 2018 for excellence in the art of Fortune Telling. 

Sassy Weekender: Firstly, heartiest congratulations on winning the Pearl of Hyderabad award and the Woman OF The Future Award award recently. How does it feel to win such prestigious titles and awards?

Nupur: My first thought after winning these awards was to be thankful to the Angels and my clients. They both play a very important role in my work. These awards are not only an honour but an affirmation to a professional like me that I am on the right track in life.

Sassy Weekender: The world of Tarot Reading and Astrology has always fascinated all of us. However, very few actually go ahead and make this unconventional choice of making a career out of it! What motivated you to take up Tarot Reading?

Nupur: I was intuitive since childhood and my father identified this trait of mine when I was 4 years old. We are all born with a purpose. I was lucky that I had a mentor to guide me right from the first step. Gradually my dreams became more structured and they took me towards mysticism. I met my Tarot teacher Mr. Jain in a meditation class at the age of 17 and he asked me to attend one of his free sessions. I enrolled the same day and was the first bencher in his classes as opposed to my B.Com classes during that time. After my post-graduation and three years of job with a corporate firm, my father told me that my destiny is in occult. I left my job and happily joined this mystic world, a world where I truly belonged.

Sassy Weekender: In fields like these, is doing a professional course helpful? Do you believe anyone can become a Tarot Reader by practice or a few like you are gifted and destined for it?

Nupur: Tarot reading is a mix of Art and Science and can be acquired with training and practice. Yes, everybody and anybody can learn Tarot and master the trade. Practice is the key to mastering. However, there is one factor which makes your readings crisp and that is “being intuitive”. Meditation can help you in achieving this quality. Having said that, the art of fortune telling is not easy and very few people are able to make a mark in it.

Sassy Weekender: You started your professional Tarot Rani venture in 2015. Why the name “Tarot Rani”?

Nupur: 2015 was the time I started shooting for my Tarot channel, my dream venture. I would have gone with a different name but my producers wanted something easy and catchy. My husband and I were confused with so many options. Finally the angels came to my rescue. I decided to ask directly, did my direction meditation before sleeping with a notepad by my side. I dreamt the name and TAROTRANI was the first word I wrote on the blank page next morning. It was perfect. My birth number is 9. I follow Cheiro Numerology according to which the word ‘Tarot’ equals to 9 and ‘Rani’ also equals to 9. And it’s a 9 alphabet word. This was beyond coincidence. Even if I sound dreamy, I know it was destined.

Sassy Weekender: Can you share with us a few of your best experiences as a Tarot Reader when you were genuinely able to help your client?

Nupur: There are so many but my clients will be able to give you a clearer picture. As a reader my experiences with each client is different and rich. I end up learning new things with every session. I have clients who have been with me since last 8-9 years, since the time I was an amateur. Their trust is the most genuine affirmation which keeps me going. Best of all experiences is when my clients do not need a reading but still want to be in touch with me because they feel I am a major support in their life. Seeing them independent and confident is the most amazing feeling ever.

Sassy Weekender: You are also an Angel Healer and a Reiki practitioner. Why did you decide to pursue these in addition to Tarot Reading. Are these fields related?

Nupur: Tarot taught me how to look into the cards and see the past, present and the future. When you see things, there are root causes and future hurdles too. Angel healing helps me to assist the client in providing solutions. My Angel practices are more scientific in nature and routine based. My expertise lies in emotional healing. I use a mix of prayers, affirmations, colours, crystals and candles to perform rituals. I believe in self-help concepts.

I learnt Reiki for myself so that I can keep my energies intact. It helps me in the healing process.


Sassy Weekender: You are someone who predicts the future and guides people. I would like to ask you this question that has always been in my mind. Is the future already decided? Or can we mould it through our choices? How much role does luck play in our lives?

Nupur: I have always been a Bhagwat Gita follower which is Karma based. Your future is based on your present, and yes you can influence your future with your current actions. I believe in past life and so there are a few life lessons designed for every individual which cannot be controlled, this is where you should make peace with the turmoil and positively move forward. Luck is like the cherry on the top. You need to work your way up and then it comes to you. These are my beliefs, I follow these and preach the same.

Sassy Weekender: Today, you are one of the most famous Tarot Readers in the country. What is your clientele like? And how do you manage to take appointments and continue with the work despite frequent transfers?

Nupur: Thank you for including me among the ‘most famous’. I am still working hard to reach there. My clientele is very niche and I mostly take references. I am still not sure whether I want to go completely commercial because I like exclusivity. I enjoy socializing and I am an active member of the ladies club in the fraternity. I work 3-4 hours in a day and take 3-4 sessions in a day. I spend a minimum of an hour every day in building and maintaining my work. With God’s grace, I am always occupied with work. 90 percent of my work is online and I take calls and video sessions, hence place is no bar. My heart follows my husband and work automatically keeps coming.

Sassy Weekender: Tell us something about your love story. How did you fall for the man in olive greens?

Nupur: People often feel that personal and professional journeys are on different tracks but they are always interlinked. Tarot Rani was never possible without Ravi. We have contributed equally in wherever I have reached today. I grew up reading Mills and Boons like most teenagers and the idea of love was very beautiful in my imagination. I met my knight in the shining armor in 2010, we instantly clicked and became best friends. He was and still is an amazing mentor to me. He is sensible, intelligent and rational, it feels very comfortable when I am around him.

From friends to salsa partners and eventually life partners in 2014, this journey was never planned but destined. He is my soul mate and my best buddy till date. Falling in love with a man in uniform is really special.


Sassy Weekender: How does your family support you in your venture?

Nupur: My father is the man behind my Tarot journey, even today I consult him regarding tough cases. I can’t imagine my personality without my mother, I am a lot like her, she is my eternal source of happiness. I am blessed to have supportive and understanding parents, a sister who listens to all my cribs and still believes I am perfect, a brother-in-law who treats me like his own sister (many of my business ideas were suggested by him). I am from a close-knit family and I am fortunate that every member shares my happiness and celebrates my achievements. Post marriage my husband became both my biggest critic and admirer. My in laws are also very encouraging and with their blessings, I am growing day by day.

Sassy Weekender: What are your other hobbies and interests?

Nupur: I am an avid reader. I have done some basic certificate courses in singing and dancing and I follow both my hobbies whenever I get a chance.

Sassy Weekender: What are your future plans?

Nupur: I am not a planner, I live each day as if it is the last. Even when I envisage myself in years to come, I just pray that life remains as simple as it is today! I wish to help all my clients attain happiness, peace and stability through my Tarot and healing practices. I have a one dream though, I want to become a public speaker in my field.

Sassy Weekender: What would be your advice to people who would like to pursue a career in Tarot Reading or Astrology? Are there any professional courses that may help them?

Nupur: Firstly, I would like to welcome people in the world of Tarot and Angels. It is very easy to get swayed in this world of mysteries, but keep it simple. Join a course if you want a structured way of learning. In fact, my you tube channel has very clear lessons on cards and methods, you can go through it once you deicide to begin. Start on a personal reading mode before you start reading for others as it is very important to be honest to your own feelings before you understand others. Tuning into your intuitions is not easy, so don’t get overwhelmed with the experiences in the beginning. Also, pick up the deck only when you are sure, it is a job of high responsibility because people come to you with a lot of hope. Be ethical and clear.

Thank you so much Nupur for sharing your interesting story with us! We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. May you win many more such awards at both national and international level and make us proud!

Videos related to Tarot Reading can be seen on Nupur’s YouTube Channel- Tarot Rani

For online/phone readings, join on https://www.facebook.com/tarotrani

2 thoughts on “Unravelling the Mystic World of Tarot

  1. It is interesting to read the article as also to know that the Tarot reading is a combination of art and science .Certainly, through your article many curious minds will try to explore the field. Overall, a very good interview session with some very sought after questions. May God bless you. Keep writing at least for followers to make good use of time.


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