Featuring the journey of Capt Ameya Kocharekar (Retd), Co-Founder and CEO of PROFORCE Professional Services Pvt. Ltd.


Have you ever seen the Republic Day parade on TV or live  and gasped in excitement at the sight of the Dare Devils? The brave men who perform stunts on their motorcycles! Here are a few excerpts from my interview with Lt Col Avadhut Deshpande (Retd), the officer who led this ‘Dare Devils’ team as Team Captain and established the Guinness World Record of a 40 men pyramid on seven motorcycles in the year 1991.


In conversation with Mrs Uma Sharma (Founder, Saral Solutions) Mrs Uma Sharma is a Special Educator, Vocational Rehabilitation Instructor, and Counselor. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and is doing pioneering work in the field of Special Education. She conducts workshops, seminars and conferences on issues related to Mental Health and Special Education faced … Continue reading HEALING FROM WITHIN..

Unravelling the Mystic World of Tarot

To know the unknown and to see the unseen is what fascinates us all the most! Mrs Nupur Heda Patil, the ‘Queen of Tarot’ a.k.a ‘Tarot Rani’ is an Army wife, renowned for her Tarot Reading and Angel Healing skills and has won several awards including the Pearl of Hyderabad award and the Woman Of The Future Award (WOFTA) award in 2018 for excellence in the art of Fortune Telling. 

Into The Caves

There exists a different world, dark and murky yet beautiful in its own way, with only rocks and mud for company, a world unexplored-“the caves” and this time, I am in conversation with a thrill seeker in love with these caves, a professional caver and founder of GoCaving - Mrs Richa Sharma Jain.